With the world changing on a dime and the need to take minimum valuable products to the market, organizations world over are in greater need of strategies and organizational cultures that cultivate innovation and creativity. There is a need for a shift from conventional ways of doing business to embracing an agile mindset, which seeks to deliver value at the earliest convenient time while adapting to the ever changing requirements.

Billy S Mwape’s experience in agile coaching and methodologies ranging from Lean, XP and Kanban to Scrum, will help you realise value for your product or business. The following are the areas of expertise to help you scale your organization in the most holistic way.

Project Management

We help you understand the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements based on PMI’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Corporate Project Management

We help you align your projects with your business strategic plan. Project management brings a unique focus shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project. The value of that focus is proved by the rapid, worldwide growth of project management.

Agile Coaching

We help you create and improve Agile processes within a team or a company by: spreading Agile best practices between different teams; integrate Agile teams within non-Agile processes; and measure results of an Agile transition. Let us transform your team into an efficient and effective agile team.

Social Innovation

Social innovations are new social practices that aim to meet social needs in a better way than the existing solutions, resulting from – for example – working conditions, education, community development or health. These ideas are created with the goal of extending and strengthening civil society. Our focus is on developing leadership and project management skills in people from children to olders ones, while embracing technology. It is our passion to discuss available strategies to bridge the digital divide in Africa.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is an approach for exploring opportunities and problems to solve. Design Thinking is how we explore and solve problems; Scrum is our framework for testing our beliefs and learning our way to the right outcomes; and Agile is how we adapt to changing conditions with software.

Agile Strategic Planning

The world is changing on a dime and single-most sought after skill is adaptive leadership. We help organizations to transform their static strategic teams into adaptive ones using agile values and principles.


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